Selecting A Contractor

WHICH CONTRACTOR BEST SUITS YOUR NEEDS?Use this questionnaire to interview and compare contractors.GS Heating & Air, An Estes Heating & Air Co.BrandXBrandY
1.Have you been in business very long? Since 1993 (CAUTION! Only an experienced contractor can do your installation done correctly.)YES!??
2.Can I have your street address? 257 N. Rutherford Road, Greer SC (CAUTION! Don’t do business with contractors who refuse to give you their street address.)YES!??
3.Do you have an office staff?(CAUTION! Who’s going to respond to your questions, comments, concerns or complaints?)YES!??
4.Are you licensed to do this type of work?(CAUTION! Your homeowner’s insurance does not cover work done by unlicensed contractors!)YES!??
5.Are you insured to do this the type of work?(CAUTION! Your homeowner’s insurance may not cover an accident, injury or damage!)YES!??
6.Will you guarantee the price quoted will be the final price, even if you overlooked something?(CAUTION! Beware of a low initial price followed by a price increase after the work has started!)YES!??
7.Will you guarantee my ultimate satisfaction?(CAUTION! Get this guarantee in writing!)YES!??
8.Will you use mats, drop cloths and shoe covers while working inside my home?(CAUTION! Damage to your property could raise your total cost of installation dramatically!)YES!??
9.Will you clean up at the conclusion of each day’s work?(CAUTION! Most contractors do not include a thorough clean-up as part of the job!)YES!??
10.Will you remove my old equipment and all debris from the premises?(CAUTION! “Disposal fees” tacked on at the end of a job are a common “hidden charge.”)YES!??
11.Do you have a large enough staff to handle my needs?(CAUTION! Beware of companies with too small of a pool of knowledge to draw from!)YES!??
12.Is there an extended warranty available?(CAUTION! A low price with a short warranty period can end up costing you money!)YES!??
13.Do you place a high priority on warranty calls?(CAUTION! Most companies put warranties calls on the “back burner,” leaving you stranded!)YES!??
14.Will your technicians be in a company uniform and driving a marked company vehicle?(CAUTION! Service people often bring others who don’t belong there to the jobsite!)YES!??
15.Do you run a criminal background check on your employees?(CAUTION! Many service people have a history of theft and other crimes. Don’t be victimized!)YES!??
16.Do you drug test your employees?(CAUTION! Most crimes committed by service people, such as theft, are by drug addicts!)YES!??
17.Will the installers be employees of your company?(CAUTION! Many companies use subcontractors, which may not be insured or properly trained!)YES!??
18.Will your installers arrive in a well maintained vehicle that won’t drip oil on my driveway?(CAUTION: Oil stains on your driveway can add to the cost of the service!)YES!??
19.Do you specialize in residential service and replacements?(CAUTION: Don’t allow a new construction or heavy commercial specialist to work in your home!) YES!??
20.Will all work meet or exceed existing codes?(CAUTION: Unless it’s specified in your contract, don’t assume this! Corrections are costly!)YES!??
21.Will you be obtaining a permit?(CAUTION! Failure to obtain a permit in advance could cost you dearly!)YES!??
21.Do you offer any payment options?(CAUTION! Sometimes the dollars saved on the price are made up in finance charges!)YES!??
22.Do you have extended business hours?(CAUTION! Will you lose the money you save taking time off from work?)YES!??
23.Do you do a “whole-house” analysis?(CAUTION! Occasionally the true source of your problem lies outside the actual equipment!)YES!??
24.Will you guarantee my comfort?(CAUTION! Others may guarantee it’s “ properly sized,” but will not guarantee your comfort!)YES!??
25.Is there a “No Lemon Guarantee?”(CAUTION! Manufacturers insist that defective equipment be “field repaired!”)YES!??
26.Will you use a “sound dampening system?”(CAUTION! Skipping this important step will make your system unnecessarily noisy!)YES!??
27.Will you mastic seal the joints in my ductwork? All newly installed ducts will be sealed(CAUTION! Mastic seal is the only way to properly seal ducts.)YES!??
28.Is any maintenance included?(CAUTION! The only way to keep your equipment running properly is with regular maintenance.)YES!??